News: Tolkien Museum will open in September 2013

Bernd GreisingerAfter about 7 year’s work, the Greisinger Museum will open in September 2013. It is the first museum in the world entirely devoted to Middle-earth, featuring the largest collection of paintings, drawings, books, weapons, merchandising, and whatever has been inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. We had already interviewed Ivan Cavini.The museum named after one of the most important collectors of Tolkien’s world, who was able to make any Tolkien’s fan dream true: a real hobbit house in his own yard! Visitors will also be welcomed by almost 300 square meters of themed environment, 6 sculptures up to seven mts high (the so-called “big-ature lifesize”), 600 paintings, 3000 books, a movie theater with an highdefinition screen, and much more about the author of The Lord of the Rings. A place between culture and entertainment, wanted and created by fans of Middle-earth for fans of Middle-earth.

Gmec: Ivan Cavini e il BalrogThe opening ceremony will be held on 7th September, only for invited guests: local authorities, journalists, artists and Tolkien Societies presidents. «A number of artists and known writers of the Tolkien scene were also invited», says Bernd Greisinger. A few weeks later the museum will open to all visitors: «There will be no specific opening times, and visits will be allowed only by appointment». Greisinger himself will lead visiting groups through the museum, about 20 people at a time. Of course, everyone will be welcome to the museum: «It’s a museum to let you dive into another world … not just for fans».

– About “Roman Association of Tolkien Studies” (ArsT)
– Go to the Greisinger Museum
– Go to the article on Greisinger Museum (italian)
– Go to the interview to Ivan Cavini (italian).



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2 Comments to “News: Tolkien Museum will open in September 2013”

  1. Bernd Greisinger ha detto:

    I thank you very much for the great article! Sure, we will have some Italians as guests in Jenins for this ‘Special Event’. So when they are back home again they will have ‘something’ to tell about…
    In the article is a little mistake: If you use square feet you have to speak from about ‘3.000’, if you speak from 300, you should use ‘square meters’…
    Best wishes to all

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